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Vision & Goals

Building a Happy Society for All


Build social safety nets for a better tomorrow

Take a life-course approach to healthy life

Support a stable life after retirement


Social Security System

  • Dignified Life for All
  • Social Insurance

Individualized Care

  • Maternity Services
  • Child Services
  • Services for Infants and Preschoolers
  • Services for Senior Citizens
  • Services for People with Disabilities
  • Services for Low-income Households

Challenges & Tasks Ahead

  • Overcoming the Demographic Crisis
  • Employment in the Social Service Sector
  • Health Promotion
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Traditional Korean Medicine
  • Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response

Global Cooperation

  • Overseas Expansion of Korean Healthcare
  • International Patient Services
  • Foreign Physician Training
  • Expanding Medical Services Overseas
  • Welfare Korea Academy (WKA)
  • Official Development Assistance (ODA)
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